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How to Introduce CATS & DOGS Without a Fight!


Cats & Dogs: Natural Born Enemies or BFFs? It’s All in How You Introduce Them!

While chatting with alternative dog-loving buddies the opposite day, one stated the age recent question of a way to introduce cats & dogs. She aforementioned “I‘m curious regarding the most effective thanks to introducing cats & dogs! I’m acquiring with my lover and he includes a cat. I have a dog who’s ne’er even SEEN a cat! She loves alternative dogs, however, I have no plan however she’ll react to his kitty. What am I able to expect?” currently THAT’s an honest question! we’ve associate degree answer!

Whether square measure you’re a dog lover UN agency is either brooding about transportation a cat home otherwise you are acquiring with somebody UN agency includes a cat. introducing cats and dogs extremely work an equivalent means. Contrary to common belief, cats & dogs don’t seem to be mortal enemies. I have done this some times. Here is what I have known about.

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