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These Superfoods Are Very Useful For Combat High Blood Pressure


It is expected for blood pressure to rise and fall throughout our lives but we still need to monitor what we eat to make sure it remains low and healthy. For example, every meal we eat can contribute to hypertension in some way or another.

Avoid – Pot Pies

Before we get going, we’re going to spill a very big secret: sodium is bad for our blood pressure. Pot pies contain 1,400 mg of sodium and 35 grams of fat (and not the good kind!).

These local snacks are incredibly unhealthy and should not be eaten unless for very rare or special occasions. If you want to lower the chance of high blood pressure, just avoid this meal. And that’s just the pastry – not even thinking about the rest of the ingredients inside the pie!

More – Leafy Greens

Potassium can help your kidneys get rid of excess sodium – something that highly contributes to high blood pressure. It mainly found in leafy greens, such as lettuce or arugula.

Next time, consider adding some fresh greens into your meals – and watch your blood pressure lower! You may have resented your parents when they forced you to eat your greens, but you’ll thank them now!

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