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10 Signs You Are Being Used by a Woman Who’s Walking All Over You


They say love is blind, and she’s everything. But who said she feels the same way? Sadly, these are the signs you are being used by a woman.

Men tend to think the more they invest in the girl, the more she’ll appreciate and love him. Sadly, even though you could be dropping big bucks on her and giving her all the attention in the world, it doesn’t mean she feels the same. Watch for these signs you are being used by a woman.

Signs you are being used by a woman

You fell for her hard. Really hard. You spend your paychecks buying her expensive gifts, taking her out to the best restaurants, and making sure you buy yourself some new clothes to impress her. The point is, everything you’re doing, it’s for her. If she wasn’t using you, it is sweet, a little excessive, but sweet.

But what’s for sure is that she’s enjoying the pampering without emotionally investing in you. Yeah, I know, it sounds shitty, but I never said she was a nice person. If you don’t want to be used as a stepping stone, then it’s time you figured out the signs you are being used by a woman.

If she is using you, put a stop to things before they get any worse. When I mean worse, I mean you continue to fall more in love while she treats you like garbage. So, let’s get you well-acquainted with the signs so you can put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s time to open your eyes!

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